Brackley Beach

About Prince Edward Island Brackley Beach

        Brackley Beach is just 20 minutes from Charlottetown, located within the PEI National Park. This beach is part of a protected area that stretches from Rustico harbour to Brackley, continuing west to Stanhope and Dalvay. Altogether, six beach areas dot this coastline with Brackley Beach the largest and most popular among them. The Gulfshore Parkway runs 10km along the coast parallel to the bach and it meanders over salt marshes and alongside sand dunes. An ambitious beachgoer could spend the morning at Brackley Beach before cycling, running or rollerblading along the multi-use trail, stopping along the way for a swim at the next 3 beaches before returning to Brackley for sunset. Just like all beaches within PEI National Park, this is a protected area. The dunes are critical to the health of the ecosystem and the dune grass that holds the delicate dunes in place is particularly sensitive to trampling. So keep your feet on designated trails and boardwalks! No pets are permitted – it’s a nesting area for the endangered Piping Plover. 

         Brackley海滩距离位于PEI国家公园内的夏洛特敦仅20分钟路程。该海滩是保护区的一部分,该保护区从Rustico港一直延伸到Brackley,向西一直延伸到Stanhope和Dalvay。共有六个海滩区点缀在海岸线上,其中Brackley海滩是其中最大,最受欢迎的海滩。 Gulfshore Parkway沿海岸线延伸10公里,与巴赫河平行,蜿蜒在盐沼和沙丘上。雄心勃勃的泳客可以在Brackley海滩度过一个早晨,然后沿着多用途小径骑自行车,跑步或滑旱冰,沿途停下来在接下来的三个海滩游泳,然后回到Brackley看日落。就像PEI国家公园内的所有海滩一样,这是一个保护区。沙丘对生态系统的健康至关重要,沙丘草将细密的沙丘固定在适当位置,对践踏特别敏感。因此,请保持在指定的步道和木板路上! 禁止携带宠物-这是濒临灭绝的Piping Plover的筑巢区。