Buffalo Land

About Buffalo Land

        Located at Milltown Cross, on Route 4, 6 km south of Montague. Buffalo Land is a day use park. Picnic tables are provided. The boardwalk leads to a wooden deck where display pedestals provide information about buffalo and white tailed deer. The deck overlooks a 100-acre enclosure where the herd of about 25 of these large and dramatic animals graze. The original buffalo were a gift to the Prince Edward Island government from the Province of Alberta.The park is open year round and admission is free.

        位于蒙塔古以南6公里处的4号公路上的米尔敦克罗斯(Milltown Cross)。布法罗土地是一个日用公园。提供野餐桌。木板人行道通向一个木制甲板,展示架上提供有关水牛和白尾鹿的信息。甲板上俯瞰着一个100英亩的围栏,其中约有25只这些大型的动物在此放牧。原始的水牛是艾伯塔省给爱德华王子岛政府的礼物。公园全年开放,免费入场。