About Greenwich

        Greenwich features three hiking trails varying in length from 1.25 km to 4.5 km. The landscape varies from secluded wooded areas to open abandoned agricultural fields to spectacular vistas over Bowley Pond. All trails are equipped with interpretive signs, which explain the unique ecosystem and rich history of the area. Trails are open from late spring until late fall.

        格林威治(Greenwich)设有3条远足小径,长度从1.25公里到4.5公里不等。从僻静的林地到开阔的废弃农田,再到Bowley Pond上的壮观景色,景观各不相同。所有步道均配有解释性标志,解释了该地区独特的生态系统和丰富的历史。小径从春季末到秋季末开放。