Mooney's Pond

About Mooney's Pond

     Mooney’s Pond has evolved over the years from a semi natural Atlantic rearing facility into a habitat restoration watershed group for Morell and surrounding areas. Throughout the years approximately 60,000-70,000 salmon have been raised and released at Mooney’s Pond. It has also become a popular fishing spot for the amateur professional angler. Peggy’s Trail that loops around Mooneys Pond is well-maintained and includes a floating dock. With bridges and observation decks being the highlight, half of the trail is wheelchair including the fishing platforms. The nature trail originates off the Confederation Trail and leads to the wheelchair accessible activity areas which span over 600 metres. There is an interpretive centre with information on Atlantic Salmon, birds, regulations and also has a peaceful picnic area. It is also an excellent location for bird watching and photography.

        多年来,Mooney’s Pond已经从半天然的大西洋饲养设施发展成为莫雷尔(Morell)及其周边地区的栖息地恢复分水岭。这些年来,大约有60,000-70,000鲑鱼在Mooney’s Pond养殖并释放。它也已成为业余专业钓鱼者的热门钓鱼点。Mooneys Pond周围环绕的Peggy’s Trail维护得很好,并包括一个浮船坞。桥梁和观景台是重点,步道的一半是轮椅,包括钓鱼台。自然步道起源于联邦步道,并通往可跨越轮椅的活动区域,该区域跨越600米。有一个解释中心,提供有关大西洋鲑鱼,鸟类,法规的信息,还设有一个安静的野餐区。这也是观鸟和摄影的绝佳地点。