Point Prim Lighthouse

About Point Prim Lighthouse

       Point Prim was the first lighthouse in Prince Edward Island. It was built in 1845, nearly 30 years before Prince Edward Island joined Confederation. This major coastal light protects mariners from the extensive reefs at the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour. The Point Prim Lighthouse is an excellent example of the early establishment of coastal navigational aids. It is linked to the expansion of navigation and trade in the region during the 19th century. The lighthouse is one of the oldest surviving towers in Canada.Point Prim Lighthouse is located in a grassy clearing at the end of Point Prim on a point of land extending into the Northumberland Strait. It marks the southeastern entrance to Hillsborough Bay and Charlottetown Harbour. The lighthouse is a tapered, cylindrical, brick structure covered in wood shingles, and measures 18.3 metres (60 feet) from base to vane. The tower possesses a prominent but elegant taper and a projected lantern platform supported by brackets. It is topped by a multi-sided cast iron lantern.

Point Prim是爱德华王子岛的第一座灯塔。它建于1845年,比爱德华王子岛加入联邦早了近30年。这种主要的海岸光保护夏洛特敦海港入口处的海员免受大片珊瑚礁的侵扰。 Point Prim Lighthouse是早期建立沿海航标的一个很好的例子。它与19世纪该地区航行和贸易的扩展有关。灯塔是加拿大现存最古老的塔楼之一。Point Prim灯塔位于Point Prim尽头的草丛中,位于延伸至诺森伯兰海峡的土地上。它标志着希尔斯伯勒湾和夏洛特敦港的东南入口。灯塔是一个锥形的,圆柱形的砖结构,覆盖有木瓦,从底部到叶片的高度为18.3米(60英尺)。该塔具有突出但优雅的锥度和由支架支撑的凸出灯笼平台。它的顶部是一个多面铸铁灯笼。