Souris Beach

About Prince Edward Island Souris Beach

      Souris Beach Provincial Park is a day-use provincial park located near the town of Souris in eastern Prince Edward Island, Canada. The beach is very shallow, allowing visitors to walk several hundred feet from shore on an all sand bottom. The shallow water also results in the waters at this beach being warmer, as a result of warming by the sun, than other Island beaches where depths increase more quickly.

     Souris Beach是位于加拿大爱德华王子岛东部Souris镇附近的日用省级公园。海滩很浅,游客可以在全沙底的海岸上走几百英尺。由于太阳变暖,浅水还导致该海滩的水温比其他岛屿海滩的深度增加得更快。