Thunder Cove Beach

About Prince Edward Island Thunder Cove Beach

      Thunder Cove Beach is one of those hidden gems that locals try to keep for themselves. While most of PEI’s north shore is known for epic rolling dunes and wide beaches of fine sand, Thunder Cove is so much different. The shore and beach are geologically diverse and a real-time example of how water and wind shape and change the Island landscape. The sandstone cliffs, columns (sea stacks) and cave formations are never the same way twice, completely at the mercy of a restless stone carver – nature! If you’re looking in the right direction, you can imagine you’re standing in the Arizona Desert. Well… if the desert overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. Cliffs and dunes surround the beach. Bring your beach blanket and let your worries be washed away by the gentle waves rolling in from the sea.

        雷霆湾海滩是当地人试图保留的隐藏宝石之一。虽然PEI北岸的大部分地区以史诗般的起伏的沙丘和宽阔的细沙海滩而闻名,但Thunder Cove却与众不同。海岸和海滩在地质上是多种多样的,是水和风如何塑造和改变岛屿景观的实时示例。砂岩峭壁,圆柱(海堆)和洞穴构造从来都不是两次相同的方式,完全受不安的石雕师–大自然的支配!如果您朝正确的方向看,您可以想象您正站在亚利桑那沙漠​​中。好吧……如果沙漠俯瞰大西洋。悬崖和沙丘环绕着海滩。带上沙滩毯,让忧虑从海浪中滚滚而去。